Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sewing Updates soon to come!

We are in the throes of summer here on the rock, and though I have been off on vacation for the past 3 weeks, I feel busier than ever.  I have been sewing, but I have also been guiding kayak groups, did my first multi-night kayak trip with my young children, running, swimming, paddling, and doing lots of reading.  (Fifty Shades anyone?)

One of my favourite summer past times has been to find a shady, cool spot and read sewing sites and blogs on my iPad.  Just this morning, as I sip my coffee and gear up to take out a group of kayakers for an introductory lesson and paddle, I found a new-to-me blog.


Karine is a blogger from Montreal.  That's all I have learned so far from the couple of posts I have read.  And she sews.  AND she knits the most amazing things ( as a knitter I AM PATHETIC, so I have knitting envy of others who can knit beautiful creations).

Her latest post about running is what drew me in.  I am a recreational runner (I run because I eat!) and she is currently sharing her journey about training for an upcoming race. I thnk today's lazy reading will be her blog.

Whenever I run out of blog updates to read on my google reader, I visit http://www.seamingly.com/ . This site lists updates of sewing blogs of all sorts.  When looking for blogs to read, I tend to get excited to find other Canadian sewing bloggers out there (mostly because they are a rare breed).

I must head out to my kayaking gig, but I do promise I have SEVERAL sewing projects to share.  As soon as I enlist one of my kids to take photos I will get posting.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bikini skirtini

I have always wanted to be small-busted, but that dream was gone in my teen years.  Now, after two children, not only am I endowed, but the girls seem to have headed south.

Swimwear is a nightmare for me.  I have never been able to find RTW that fits properly, that doesn't cost a fortune.  I need bust support, I am long-waisted, and have had the blessing of cellulite since I was 16 (yay genetics).

I live on an island, and spend my summers with the kids at the lake, and also spend my time canoeing and kayaking.

I have decided to come up with mix and match pieces that will suit a variety of water activities.

This is one iteration of my summer swim wardrobe:
The top is bra pattern  Kwik Sew 3620. This pattern is quite ideal for swimwear since the cups in the pattern are lined, and it uses underwires for support. I sewed a 34D and the fit is fine. I am pleased with it as a first attempt, but want to make note of changes I made and wish to make in future.
  • use wider elastic for straps - all I had on hand was 3/8 so I need to order 5/8 swim elastic
  • use wider elastic for back band - I need to cut the band wider to accommodate 5/8 elastic here
  • underline the back band pieces, either with self-fabric of powernet - I definitely need a more supportive back band
  • add 1/4 inch elastic along the front inside cup seams to add support there - sew on the elastic after stitching the seam and then flip (this is the first seam you sew when you follow the pattern instructions
  • add 1 inch to the back band pieces to allow them to fold over to hold the G hook closure
  • use a 1 " or larger G hook - I scavenged one from an old swimsuit but if I had a larger hook I could make the back band wider at the center back
  • I zigzagged elastic to wrong side, then flipped and coverstitched it to finish the edges - I find this is faster than using the elasticator on my serger
The skirtini is Jalie  3023. I goofed a bit when I used the mesh print on the band since the elastic would have shown through.  I eliminated the elastic because of this but haven't yet swam in this and worry that it may slip down when wet.  I have a feeling I may be adding the elastic and not worry about show through, in order to avoid "putting on a show" of sorts.

  • These bottoms fit very snugly and the sizing seems to run smaller than some of the other Jalie's I have sewn.
  • zigzag and coverstich elastic
  • swimwear lining in front of the undershorts under the skirt

I have also sewn a sports top to wear with this suit, and a matching mesh coverup top.  I will post when I get pics taken.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Style Arc pants

My latest pattern order is from Style Arc.  I decided bite the bullet and actually order 4!!!!! patterns for bottoms.

Here are are my new patterns:
Katherine Pant and Jilly Jeans

Karen Walk Shorts and Tori Crop Pants

I can't wait to try these patterns.  If they fit as well as the other Style Arc pants (I've tried the Linda and the Elle so far) then I will have a wonderful stable full of TNT pants patterns soon!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sewing plans

Yahoo, school's out for summer!  The past few weeks have been full of end of the year craziness, but happily, I now have two months of vacay.  I have done a lot of mental sewing (and virtural shopping), but not been near the sewing machines for a couple of weeks, which is a long time for me.

My sewing plans/goals/dreams/wishes are as follows:

Must do:
  • quick dry camping pants for DD, out of navy quickdry fabric from Fabricland

Should do:
  • rain jacket for DD out of waterproof/breathable hot pink fabric
  • sun shirt for me from Jalie button-up pattern with sun fabric from Rockywoods (red, white and black are the colours that I bought)
Want to do:
  • a supportive bikini top, using a bra pattern and underwires
  • peplum top (a great one on Shawnta Sews using New Look 6130 )
  • shorts with the new Style Arc Karen Walking Short
  • start planning and pulling fabrics for my fall wardrobe, and actually start to sew it before fall is over!
  • to catalogue patterns and fabrics and store on my iPad in the Sewing Kit app
Of course, I always tend to get very derailed with my plans and head off in different directions, but that's all right, that's what makes sewing a hobby!