Monday, October 15, 2012

Kayak purse

I have an obsession with purses.  However, I don't own many purses because (a) I have very expensive tastes in purses and (b) I am too cheap to spend a fortune on a purse.

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So, after a summer-long yearning for an amazing Coach purse with a hefty (for me) price tag, I decided that if I wanted a new purse I was going to have to make one.

I used OOP Butterick 4624View C, but I changed the pocket options. I used the navy, tan and orange colour scheme from my dream bag (though the only orange I could find to include was a bead I added to the zipper pull!).


 The main body of the bag is prequilted denim fabric from Fabricland.  I usually hate what I find there, but this is actually quite nice.

I love long straps because I can only manage cross body bags...that leaves my hands free to hang onto each of my kids. I even added on a leather shoulder pad detail to the strap.

The front of the bag has a zipped exterior pocket that I framed with leather.
 The Kayak detail is blue faux leather, with a black leather reverse applique for the kayak cockpit.  The camel/tan coloured leather is from my camel leather jacket that I made last year.

 The tassel is made from leather remnants, with some glued on "jewels" at top.
The back has a pocket as well, with a snap closure so I can quickly jam in my car keys/kids mittens/toys/ get the idea.

The bag is large enough to hold my iPad, plus all the other assorted junk that moms seem to need to carry around.  The colour doesn't show dirt and the quilted fabric didn't require any interfacing.  So far, this is the favourite bag I have made (the rest are pre-blogging, so no other photos for comparison).

I have been up to a lot of sewing lately, so I have some Halloween costumes, tops and even a pair of jeans to show you.  Also, a wool jacket is in the works, though it is currently just a heap of fabric on the cutting table with pattern pieces laying around, in need of muslining and adjusting.

Chat soon.