Tuesday, February 19, 2013

T.O. Blogger meet-up

Exciting news.  Ontario sewing bloggers are planning a meet up on Saturday, February 23rd on Queen St. West at 1 pm.  The event is being organized by Crafting a Rainbow blogger Gillian and Adrienne of  All Style and All Substance.

The meet-up sounds like an amazingly fun time.  I wish I could take part, but I am playing hockey that weekend AND it is a 6+ hour drive away.  Perhaps another get-together in the summer will happen and I will be able to partake.  Anyway, I know I will be anxiously waiting for posts and pics sharing the good times and, of course, the fabric porn!

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  1. 6+ hours of driving, eh! maybe we need a plan a sewing bloggers meetup when you come to Toronto next time, whenever that is.


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